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vegan lip plump, vegan coffee lip scrub, tinted lip balm

VEGAN LIP PLUMP 10ml: No needles required! Get plumped lips naturally with cayenne, ginger, cinnamon and peppermint essential oil. Lips are softened with sweet almond oil so your lips are never sticky! Layers beautifully underneath lipstick.

VEGAN COFFEE LIP SCRUB 2oz: This sugar scrub is a saviour for your dry cracked lips. Made with organic golden sugar, fair trade coffee and Moyaa’s luxurious Shea Butter. Using a small spatula (which we provide when you order), apply a dime size amount onto your lips. Using your finger, rub the sugar into your lips using a circular motion. Simply towel or lick the sugar off and allow that Shea to soak into your lips for ultimate moisture treat. We personally love applying at bedtime so the Shea can absorb overnight.

HINT OF TINT LIP BALM 4.5ml: One of our bestsellers, this balm is slightly tinted with beet root powder. Smells super fresh infused with strawberry fruit juice extract.

Materials: shea butter, coconut oil, ginger, cayenne, peppermint, beetroot powder, beeswax, golden sugar, fair trade coffee, cinnamon, sweet almond oil, strawberry, essential oil