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Classification: Fruity

Polaris, designated α Ursae Minoris, commonly the North Star or Pole Star, is the brightest star of the constellation Ursa Minor. It is very close to the north celestial pole, making it the current northern pole star.

This candle is blended with Honeydew, Melon, Peach & Coconut

Made for: The one who is our guiding star in life.

Wax candle available in 13.5 oz and 7.5 oz.

Reusable glass vessel

Made with natural coconut-soy wax sourced in Canada

40+ hour burn time

Scented with paraben-free essential & fragrance oils sourced in Canada and the US.

Double wicked with natural wax coated cotton wicks for fast fragrance release.

Burn for just 30 minutes and experience a full room scent.