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Receive an aromatic bundle monthly for your at home shower experience. 

Love that spa eucalyptus steam experience? Create your own at home! We have had so many people come in to buy eucalyptus for their showers, so we figured, the next level of luxury, is having it delivered to your door for a monthly refresh. 

The inclusions in these bundles will change monthly. It may be all eucalyptus, or eucalyptus with other aromatic accents (depending on seasonal availability); but they will be sure to make your shower experience next level. 

Monthly deliveries will occur on Sundays, because a "Sunday well spent, brings a week of content". Deliveries will occur on November 26, December 31, and January 28. You will receive 3 bouquets in total.

*Please note that if you are sending this as a gift, and you would like to adjust one delivery date to meet a special day (ie. birthday, anniversary), we can accommodate one date change per subscription - the remaining deliveries will happen on the original scheduled dates

**If you sign up after the initial start date, you will receive your first bouquet on the next scheduled delivery date, and your bouquets will be prorated until you receive your total amount of bouquets. 

 *** If you make a one time payment, you will be charged a one delivery fee, if you pay monthly, you will be charged a delivery fee on each invoice.